• Jim Bradbury, Chair
  • -America Society of Civil Engineers

  • Avinash Shekhar
  • -Engineers Without Borders

  • D. Aquaviva
  • -Engineers Without Borders

  • Dan VanNorman
  • -Audubon Society

  • Ron Edenfield
  • -America Water Resourcees Association

  • Win Everham
  • -Florida Gulf Coast University

  • Diane Bondehagen
  • -Florida Gulf Coast University

  • Don Duke.
  • -Florida Gulf Coast University

  • John Capece
  • -American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers


    2008 Steering Committee:

    Jim Bradbury, Avinash Shekhar, Daniel J. Aquaviva, Dan VanNorman, Ron Edenfield,
    Dr. Win Everham, Dr. Diane Bondehagen,
    Don Duke, Dr. John Capece.




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